April 8, 2021

Car Window Pullover Sun Shade Pack of 2 Amazon Review India 2021

Car Window Pullover Sun Shade Pack of 2 Amazon Review India 2021

Car Window Pullover Sun Shade Pack of 2 Buy On Amazon

Car Window Pullover Sun Shade Pack of 2 Amazon Review India 2021

  • 2-pack of pullover car-window sun shades; keeps the interior of your car cooler
  • Note: Works best for rear windows and will not fit well over 2-door cars (coupes) as the windows are too large
  • Lightweight mesh material effectively blocks out harmful UV rays
  • Simply pull over open car door to install; pull it off open car door to remove; allows for rolling down the windows while in use
  • Protects against glare; cleans easily with a damp cloth; folds into included storage bag
  • Each measures 44.3 by 20 inches (stretches to fit)
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • For customer service and warranty related queries please contact us: [1800-419-0416] (available Monday to Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM except national holidays)

AmazonBasics Car Window Sun Shade

Pullover, 2 Pack

Keep the inside of your car more comfortably cool with the AmazonBasics Car Window Sun Shade. A hot sunny day doesn’t mean the inside of your car has to bake. Ideal for anything from road trips and commuting to carpooling kids around, the car-window sun shade helps keep the temperature down inside your car, SUV, or truck, plus it provides an effective, protective barrier against the sun’s harsh rays.

This pullover two-pack includes two over-the-door sun shades; each sun shade measures 44.3 by 20 inches (stretches to fit).

UV-Ray Protection

The sun shade creates an effective barrier against harmful ultraviolet rays. It helps minimize your passengers’ exposure to the bright, hot sun, which will be appreciated by kids and adults alike. By blocking the UV rays, the sun shade also helps protect the integrity and appearance of your car’s carpet, upholstery, and other interior components.

Lightweight Mesh Material

Made of lightweight mesh material, the shade blocks out sunlight, yet it’s still see through to ensure safe unobstructed viewing while driving. The mesh material also prevents glare and reduces the need to squint.

Easy On/Off

The sun shade can be easily applied and removed. Simply pull the sun shade over the open car door to install. Pull the sun shade off the open car door to remove. The breathable mesh material allows you to roll down the windows while in use.

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice Product but Vulnerable !!

Reviewed in India on 4 July 2020

Design: Window Pullover Sun ShadeVerified Purchase
Easy to install.. and remove in case of any objection by law enforcement agencies…
Quality looks good and seems like durable for long term.. Makes no Noise while driving.. Blocks sun rays quite effectively.. and Looks good too..
Only Drawback or Con : Anyone can cut it or pull it to damage it when parked at an unattended space. Prone to damage by Unsocial Elements.
Customer image

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